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Tradition & Experience

Kohan Traditional Hotel is located at the center of Yazd traditional texture and it is close to the most historical visiting places such as Lariha house,Alexander Prison, Twelve Emam Tomb, Traditional Bazar, Jame Mosque and Coin Museum. Moreover the hotel by itself has some visiting places in its heart such as Ghanat,windcatcher and the highest roof which is dominant to the view of Yazd’s wind towers. Kohan Traditional Hotel belongs to Mr. Taslim who lived in this house for twenty five years and then after some repairment on 2004 it started it’s work as Kohan Traditional Hotel and from that time up to now, it is receptive of desert’s guests. A hotel which the PRICE of it’s rooms is equal to two star Hotel one, it’s SERVICE to three star hotel one, it’s fantastic court yard to five star hotel one and it’s GUESTS are equal to the seven star hotel one. Its equipments including : Restaurant, Parking, Coffee Shop and Wireless Internet for free. Its Management with trained staffs, all are members of a same family. Totally it has 18 rooms and 45 beds and all of them have its own Television, Refrigerator and inside Bathroom. Kohan Hotel and Taslim family hope that desert’s guests leave Yazd with a pack of memorable memento as souvenir and remember us even at small part of the time..

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